Infinite Endless Blue Album/Vinyl in A=432HZ

In dedication to R.I.P Daevid Allen and Gilli smyth, It represents a Deep Blue Ocean Soul Healing – this Album/Vinyl is all tuned in A=432HZ & layered with Alpha Beta Theta brainwave stimulators , Featuring lush ocean water soundscapes & a wide selection of Cinematic endless blue world musicians & 7 Cultural world healing sonics. The 12 track Album comes with a full Art exhibition of 12 Stunning High Rez Endless Blue Photos for prints & with a Windows theme pack, all Included when you purchase this album. Available In Limited edition Vinyl ( with photo set )  and most digital formats from Flamedog Records 2017. an Awakening Invitation to New Horizons, Deep blue sonic Ocean light healings & new, fresh Nowtime beginnings.