Papua New Guinea – The land of the unexpected, the proud nation of the Kumul – paradise, her people wrought by her own currupt polilitical self agendas, scandalous mining corporations that wield deceit and hand over cloak cunning bribery and false promises to steal the traditional land from the indigenous. Handed down through the ancestral flow of eons, from father to son, mother to daughter as are the sacred culture and words of our forefathers that missionaries came to desecrate and extinguish in the 19th century.

Modern day empires from abroad, extending the iron fist to extract the minerals and soul of the traditional land, poisoning the rivers, forests, creatures and lifeblood of one of the only true living paradise still remaining in the world.

We as a people, watch from the sidelines with our hands tied – while the self election of corrupt political leaders intertwine sticky fingers, directed by the puppet strings of a commonwealth regime that has no commitment to its people. Only their own pockets in their own lifetimes, yet they drive the POM City streets in $80,000 SUV’s with bulletproof windows and armed guards shamelessly promoting their sold-out souls to the poor as they suffer in crisis and decaying poverty to return to their barb wired compounds with electricified walls – while she should be one of the richest. She is an extinguishable commodity that can never be returned; or passed down to the rightful owners of a future generation.

How short is a country’s memory to forget those – the Kanakas who carried the wounded soldiers to safety, lost their lives in sacrifice to give respite to an army as a world war was waged in the heart of her womb, siezing her villages as her people & children dissapeared, consumed by a brutality that was not her own. ‘Lest we Forget’ – No. PNG never will. For those who remember, we salute you. Respect.

2012 – ‘Rise of the Kumul’ – A new era is upon us as a people, the strength of warriors and custodians of tradition, culture and peace live within us. What we have left within, can never be broken, bought or erased. Proud people who live to see in our own lifetimes the herald of change for independence, rights and respect.

A multitude of naturally talented individuals, artistically, musically and athletically that needs to be acknowledged and nurtured. A voice, new life and a passion to show the world we are not to be taken lightly and are true contenders in whatever we choose to represent – wherever we reside internationally.

We are the new movement, we are not dis-empowered by the hardships of outsiders taking what is rightfully ours. We are not a representation of our government, we are our own future, Kumul wings riding the winds of change. Music is our voice for all that choose to hear and united we stand. We are PNG.

Special thanks to Orlando Allen of Flamedog Records for feeding the ‘flame’ & believing. Anything is possible.

Shout outs to the Naka Movement – Peppa B, Rez@Nate, P-Naka, Ailen Soulz, K JrKaze, Jah Varnz, Shay G, DJ Spinxx, Fox B, Piper Day, Kumul Kry, Naka Blood, Tattz, Twin Tribe, Soxx Muitech, Dii Ghost, Metalz, Sentinence of Sentence, Daru Project, AK-47 & Patrick Patu @ FM100 (PNG)

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