Gong Family is a prolific global family network of super Creative conscious Beings of all sorts from all parts of the Globe and the Spiral arm.

GGD001Birthed by Daevid Allen Gilli Smyth and everyone in the the Gong Band 1970’s, the Gong Global Family has grown all over the world to become a Global network of Music/Arts/Culture and lifestyle – in all its forms – Conscious beings of all Nationalities – all Races- all Colors – all Sizes and all Shapes of Human and Alien form.

We as the family network believe in the deeper peaceful Anti-Capitalistic community based principles that gong was founded on of which all the original members were living when they wrote and composed the early classics, from Camembert Electrique through to there early seventies Trilogy albums to Gong 2014 – The Kavus Torabi led UK Gong Band and the brand new Dingo Virgin and shakti yoni – I see you album produced by Orlando Monday Allen and Mastered by the legendary – Udi Koorman –

Its exciting times if we all can embrace the new. There is a great Gong quote from Steve Hilage I will leave you with : Once you join the band Gong, you never leave! * Viva La Gong Global Family* Time to strengthen the global networks through Unity, equality, networking and lots of cups of Tea.

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