A seriously sexy selection of sumptuous Sunday dubsonics, designed to take you from chill-out to rock-out. Stamp that ticket, this weekend we’re going for a salacious dubsex bass ride!

This album was designed and tuned for quality sound systems and Pa’s for true lovers of Bass and Dub music. Shelicious is a unique classy Blend of Theivery Corporation style Trip hop, Dubstep wobbles and grooves with classic roots Dub Reggae and bouncing Hip Hop.

Featuring the awesome Oz Freestyler ‘The Queen of Gritty’ MC Peppa B and the raggamuffin spittin’ laid back flow and Melanesian magic of Rez@nate/Ailen soulz from the PNG.

A classic for DJs Sunday Dub Sessions selections.

Available from BandcampCD BabyAmazon and iTunes.