Diamond Hearts

Diamond Hearts is an uncompromising album, created and inspired by the phoenix rising from the ashes of its own destruction and the true power of forgiving and letting go. An album to warm the heart combining an eclectic mix of inspired popular themes super fat beats to the awesome invoking power of Aboriginal Lore man Lewis Walker. For new music lovers this ones a treat Not to be missed.

It features the raw emotive vocals of Orlando Allen, soulful pop delivery of Sonia Chemarin, Sasha Michalitsianos, Tor / Thundacat MC, the ancient powerful song of Australian Aboriginal Bundjalung Custodian Lewis Walker with a host of great musicians. Thumping bass from Nicholas Scott Delany and a powerful global rhythm invocation with the Flamedog tribal drummers.

Starting in a simple raw soulful acoustic roots style and effortlessly building to full rocking 10 piece band with sweeping brass sections and soaring female vocals combined with interlude tracks of quality soundscapes and bass beats.

It stays true to its name, focusing on all aspects of human nature and if we can see it, the Diamond Hearts we are born with and that stays with us through sometimes the most tremendous tests of human spirit, love, suffering and redemption.